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Private sector solutions for public sector challenges.


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  • NGOs
  • Humanity

Impact Areas

  • Education
  • Economic Development
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Human rights
  • Infrastructure
  • Security


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What we Do

Traditional distinctions between types of organizations are no longer relevant

For-profit and non-profit entities are converging in their objectives, organizational structures, and strategies. Today, every business must pay attention to their social and environmental impact in order to win over the increasingly conscientious customer. Similarly, every non-profit organization strives to grow, take on competitors and meet the needs of their audience while staying sustainable.

It is often lamented that the best and brightest minds are siphoned away from public service to private companies. FSI seeks to bridge the gap for business practitioners that are committed to the private sector, but are passionate about addressing global challenges. We want to build a community of leading business executives that not only share ideas with like-minded professionals, but build initiatives together.

Change the future by taking initiative.

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Our partnership with NGOs enables us to keep the momentum going and they have expressed their interest to engage with us in a long lasting relationship


Identify and visit places that requires our repeatable presence. The quality time that we spend at these places are always cherished by them. Our recent visits to the Old Age Home and Blue Cross are instances of repeatable visits


Engage ourselves in activities that require continuous support. The support provided to the Lotus Blind Welfare Trust has been widely appreciated


We are leveraging our employees to actively participate in all our CSR activities


Our posts on Social Media about our activities enables us to connect with the outside world which also includes are Alumni. The world is now getting to know about Frost & Sullivan and our initiatives for a better society

Frost S.E.R.V.I.C.E – NGO Partners

Frost & Sullivan Institute's Mission:

The Think Tank For The Future

  • Preparing investors, governments, industry and people for change
  • Providing best practice research on key global challenges
  • Building a community of leaders who are passionate about solutions