Future Women Leaders
of Silicon Valley

Our mission is to increase interest in young women to strive to become top executives within Silicon Valley across a variety of sectors and leadership positions.

An Opportunity

The Future Women Leaders of Silicon Valley is an opportunity to share challenges faced by experienced women leaders today and mentor young females on best practices, including how to develop a career blueprint as well as how to navigate their career as they approach business challenges, including unconscious bias. The Future Women Leaders of Silicon Valley aims to develop a professional network to support current and future women leaders of the Bay Area.

Join Us

The Future Women Leaders of Silicon Valley Mentorship Program pairs mentees with women who have demonstrated success in navigating the business world and attained a high level of leadership success. The Future Women Leaders of Silicon Valley is selective in who is invited to participate as both a mentor and mentee.

As part of this program, young females will have the opportunity to work on real life projects in collaboration with their assigned mentors. The candidate will have the opportunity to present their project deliverables to an audience of their peers and be eligible for grants and other recognition by our corporate sponsors.

We are seeking candidates that have a GPA of greater than 3.5 and are motivated individuals who are inspired to one day be a senior leader within their chosen profession. The program requires a minimum of a 12-month commitment. The successful applicant should have a well-rounded resume that demonstrates leadership and a drive for success.

The Future Women Leaders of Silicon Valley is an opportunity for successful female leaders to give back to the community, to help shape the next generation of women leaders who will inherit the successes and progress that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Our goal to level the leadership playing field and help to groom female youth to understand challenges that exist today and how to navigate through these obstacles, including unconscious bias, etc.

We are seeking experienced leaders (senior managers or above) from a wide variety of industries represented within Silicon Valley to work with either an individual or a group of female youth for a minimum of one year to provide them with guidance on how best to launch their careers, navigate the professional world, and become future leaders. You will also support the mentees on a project chosen by them that helps them to work through a challenge that they have either personally faced or witnessed. Mentors and mentees are expected to interact at least once per month at a time and in a manner mutually agreed upon by the two parties.

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