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Frost S.E.R.V.I.C.E Past Events

Outsmart Cancer Workshop

January | Volunteers involved: 4+

Cancer is an unavoidable fact in today’s world and we are susceptible to various forms of Cancer every day. The strength of mind and a positive approach towards any challenge are invaluable

Life Again Foundation Winners Walkathon

February | Volunteers involved: 11+

Frost SERVICE working in association with the Life Again foundation, volunteered and participated in the “Walk against Cancer” drive held on account of World Cancer Day (4th of February). We are proud to have walked for creating awareness on Cancer.

Umbrella Distribution for Street Vendors

March | Volunteers involved: 10+

As a company initiative we distributed standing umbrellas for the street vendors in Greams road, to provide shade for them during the course of the day. The event saw a good number of vendors expressing their gratitude for the umbrellas. It was a memorable moment for us as we gave them a reason to smile.

Old Age Home Visit

April | Volunteers involved: 50+

About 40 volunteers along with their families took part in the activity. We conducted games like Tambola for the residents of the home. Some elders mesmerized us with their charming voices and sportiveness. Also the employees contributed provisions for a month for the Home.

Thuli Initiative

May | Volunteers involved: 40+

In many areas across India, there is complete neglect of menstrual hygiene due to lack of awareness and no access to sanitary products. As a part of our Women’s Day initiative, we held the “Time of the month” drive. Frost SERVICE joined hands with Thuli foundation to contribute sanitary packs for the underprivileged girls and women.

Lotus Blind Welfare Trust

June | Volunteers involved: 4+

LOTUS was formed in the year 2002 by 7 individuals who are visually challenged. They run a hostel for the poor, visually challenged girls who are pursuing their higher studies in various city colleges. Frost SERVICE supports them by providing them with a monthly donation to help them procure sanitary packs for the girls.

Blue Cross of India

July | Volunteers involved: 15+

The Blue cross of India is an animal welfare charity based in Chennai, India. It houses more than 100 abandoned and rescued animals. These poor animals have experienced harsh treatment from their previous owners. Frost SERVICE joined hands with Blue Cross to socialize with the animals and contribute to their well-being at the shelter.


July | Volunteers involved: 15+

Frost S.E.R.V.I.C.E joined hands with SUADHA to organize a cancer screening camp for underprivileged women. Our volunteers were involved in the inauguration of the camp, helped the patients understand the screening process and the importance of Mammogram. We lent a helping hand to the doctors in checking the blood pressure and pulse.

Kerala Flood Relief

August | Volunteers involved: 100+

Frost S.E.R.V.I.C.E decided to lend a helping hand for the relief measures when Kerala was battered by the disastrous floods in August. The company and the employees came forward to donate in-kind both monetarily and as necessary supplies such as food items, sanitary products, blankets etc.

SMILE Foundation

August | Volunteers involved: 100+

Frost S.E.R.V.I.C.E (Kolkata) partnered with SMILE Foundation (an NGO working with underprivileged children and women) to organize a health camp for underprivileged kids at Kidz Planet Learning Centre. Nearly 150 children participated in this camp on nutrition, health and hygiene.

Akshaya Patra Foundation

September | Volunteers involved: 100+

Frost SERVICE celebrated the National Nutrition Month with The Akshaya Patra Foundation – an NGO providing meals to 1.7 Million children every day across 12 states in India. The employees of Frost & Sullivan signed the pledge cards to express a collective commitment towards not wasting food. We are proud to be the first corporate to take the pledge.

Walk for Freedom with The Movement NGO

October | Volunteers involved: 100+

We teamed up with “The Movement”, who along with a global NGO “A21” aims to abolish Slavery/Bondage/Human Trafficking. Every year A21 organizes a “Walk for Freedom” globally, to create awareness about Slavery, Bondage, and Human Trafficking. Our volunteers from San Antonio, TX, Mumbai and Chennai took part in the walk to show their solidarity.