Impact Research

Addressing the Global Agenda


Focus on Alliances

Our partnerships are collaborative experiences. When we work with our clients, we are working towards the development of their growth strategies.


Globally Recognized Brand

Our spark has ignited many new startups with investment programs, product development projects, and technology breakthroughs. We are organized to assist our clients in any stage of the development growth strategy.


More than 50 Years Experience

Our understanding of the interplay between industry convergence, megatrends, technologies, and market trends provide our clients with new business models and international expansion opportunities.

Who are we?

The Frost & Sullivan Institute (FSI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to utilizing business practices to address global challenges. The institute leverages leading research, its internal team, industry experts and partners to work in collaboration to leverage technology innovation and ideas to address these challenges.

Message from the Chairman

It is our belief that global challenges of today can be best addressed by using some of the same rigorous methodologies and tools that we use to grow our businesses. We hope you’ll join us in challenging the status quo and developing innovative approaches to leadership and problem solving.

— David Frigstad, Chairman, Frost & Sullivan Institute

Areas of Impact

Significant challenges exist in the realms of education, environment, economics, healthcare, human rights, infrastructure, and security. The institutions who are traditionally mandated to take on these global challenges suffer from structural inefficiencies to an immobilizing degree.








Core Values

Being aware of our Social needs

Enthusiastic participation

Taking up Responsibility

Transforming with Intelligence

Vibrant in our approach

Always be Sensitive & Cognizant

Actively Engaged in contributing towards our environment